Nurse/Student Health


Central Denison Elementary School
Stefanie Keisler, RN
Carmen Huerta Health Assistant
Phone: (262) 348-4000, Ext. 4002
Fax: (262) 248-7321
900 Wisconsin Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53151

          Eastview Elementary School
Stefanie Keisler, RN
Kathleen Bedore, Health Assistant
Phone: (262) 248-6000, Ext. 6002
Fax: (262) 248-0456
535 Sage Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Star Center Elementary School
Stefanie Keisler, RN
Laurie Knepper, Health Assistant
Phone: (262) 348-7000, Ext. 7002
Fax: (262) 279-7938
W1380 Lake Geneva Highway
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

  Lake Geneva Middle School
Stefanie Keisler, RN
Trudy Hanson, Secretary, Health Assistant
Phone: (262) 348-3000, Ext. 3906
Fax: (262) 348-3092
600 N. Bloomfield Road
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Badger High School
Beverly Ketelsen, RN

Phone: (262) 348-2000, Ext. 2002
Fax:  (262) 248-6178
220 E. South Street
Lake Geneva, WI 53147



Click here to visit the Lake Geneva Schools COVID-19 Resource & Communication Center.


If you are thinking of sending medication to be given to your child while at school, please follow the guidelines listed below.
  • All medication should be given outside of school hours if possible.
  • Any over the counter medication must be pre-approved by the school nurse. Proper documentation must be provided and signed by a parent/guardian. NEW Joint 1 Rule- NO cough drops will be allowed at school. Please send your child with a water bottle to use.
  • Please do not send any medication to school in your child's backpack
  • Only medication that is required to enable a student to stay in school may be given at school.
  • Medication ordered to be given three (3) times a day can be given before school, after school, and at bedtime.
  • Medications must be in an original, properly labeled pharmacy container and brought to school by an adult. Medications sent in baggies or unlabeled containers will not be given.
  • Prescription medication must have a physician's order along with a parent's signature. Please ask the nurse, health aide, or secretary for the proper form, or see the forms block of this site. 
  • Over the counter medication must be accompanied by the proper form filled out and signed by the parent.
  • All medications must be kept in the nurse's office unless a physician has given approval for the student to self-carry an inhaler or Epi-pen.
  • Please speak to the school nurse if your child requires long term medication during the school day.



If your child will not be attending school for any reason, it is very important for you to call and notify the school office of the reason for the absence.  This helps us to keep track of illnesses among our students.  It also helps us be assured that your child is safe at home.  

For the health of your child, other students, and school staff, it is important to know when your child should stay home due to illness. Students should stay home if they have had any of the following symptoms:

-- Persistent fever (temperature higher than 100.4 degrees;
-- Severe sore throat that lasts more than 48 hours, especially when accompanied by a fever;
-- A significant rash, particularly when other symptoms are present;
-- Large amounts of discolored nasal discharged;
-- Severe ear pain;
-- An uncontrolled cough;
-- Diarrhea;
-- Vomiting;
-- Severe headache, especially with a fever.
-- Any COVID-19 Symptoms (Visit the Lake Geneva Schools COVID-19 Resource & Communication Center for Information)

If your child has COVID-19, been in close contact with someone with COVID-19, or has symptoms of COVID-19 - please review the Returning to School After COVID-19 document on the COVID-19 Resource & Communication Center Webpage

If your child has strep throat or another bacterial infection, he/she should stay home until the antibiotic has been given for at least 24 hours and your health care provider has given permission for your child to return to school.

We encourage you to seek medical attention when your child is sick and to follow your health care provider's recommendations about returning to school and other social activities. 

Google Drive Link to Nurse Forms



If you are in need of resources due to financial hardships, please contact one of our school social workers.  For students that attend Central-Denison, Eastview, or LGMS contact Emily Schumacher at and for students that attend Star Center or Badger contact Tana Kubly at


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