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GaTE Contact Information
Opportunities For Everyone
Gifted and Talented Education
Lake Geneva, Jt. #1 School District

Tami Martin, GT Coordinator
(262) 348-6000 ext. 6050

Gifted & Talented Programs

9 months ago


The Lake Geneva Schools Gifted and Talented Education (GaTE) program recognizes that a great diversity exists among our learners. Our GaTE Program has its foundation within the classroom. All of our students are expected to receive instruction that helps each child work toward his or her next level of challenge in all subject areas. 

Gifted students learn at a different pace and at a different depth from other students. To meet these needs, teachers use differentiation as a tool to meet varying student needs. Differentiation may include acceleration of a subject area through Advanced Placement courses, honors classes, compacting units of study, tiered assignments in the classroom, grade acceleration for a certain subject, working in a cluster of students with the same high level of instructional needs, or intervention group work. 

In most cases, differentiation strategies are integrated daily throughout the curricular areas rather than occurring as special events

Gifted & Talented Opportunities For Everyone!

Geography Bee:  November-January

  • Location: Each School  |  Grade: 4-8   
  • Contact: Paul Duncan

Show Choir:  September-March

  • Practice Location: Eastview and Star Center  |  Grade: 4-5  
  • Contact: Amy Stanfield
Spelling Bee:

  • Location: Each Building  |  Grade 4-8
  • Classroom Competition: November
  • Building Competition: December
  • District Competition: January
  • Contact: Beth Schultz
Battle of the Books:  January-March

  • Location: Elementary Schools  |  Grade: 4-5
  • Contact: Classroom Teachers
Middle School Leadership:  

  • Location: Whitewater  |  Grade: 7-8
  • Information: September
  • Contact: Beth Schultz, Grant Strobel

LEGO Robotics:  

  • Location:  All Schools  |  Grades: 2-8
  • Contact: Vikki Harkey, Eastview | Mickey Barnes, Star Center | Ann Quarna, Cen-Den

Family Science Night: Held in Winter

  • Location: LG Middle School  |  Grades: K-5  |  Time: 5:45-7:30pm
  • Contact: Ann Quaerna, Vikki Harkey, Mickey Barnes
A.C.C.E.N.T:  February-May

  • Practice Location: Central-Denison and Star Center  |  Grade 2-3
  • Contact: Amy Stanfield

Southern Lakes Anthology:  September - January

  • Location: Each School  |  Grade: 3-8
  • Information: Available through schools in September
  • Contact: Beth Schultz & Cheryl ShirkArt 
ImmersionLocation: UW-Whitewater  |  Grade: 7-8

  • Contact:  LGMS Art Department
Destination ImagiNation:  October-May
  • Location: Lake Geneva Badger  |  Grade: K-8
  • Contact: Dave Torgerson, Meg Torgeson, Dave Hettiger

Math Bowl: January-March
  • Grades: 4 and 5
PBS Kids:  Due Date: January-March
  • Location: Each Classroom  |  Grade K-3
  • Contact: Cheryl Shirk
Forensics:  Date: Building date TBA
  • Contact: Vikki Harkey and Lisa Bunge, Eastview  |  Mickey Barnes, Star Center  |  Kory Garlock, Central-Denison